Yin Metal

Metal Flower is a modern fragrance that captivates the wearer like a glint of light bouncing off a burnished surface. Graceful Bulgarian rose combines with Rose of May and patchouli and sharp metallic notes to create a floral trio with an unexpectedly honed edge. Delicate yet deft, it’s a dazzling Yin scent that charms and motivates.

Métal Flower

Eblouissant, Précieux, Intemporel


Dose d'essai Métal Flower Parfum

Eblouissant, Précieux, Intemporel


Yang Metal

Matrix Metal is a powerful fragrance that emboldens the wearer like the flash of a freshly forged sword. The sharp, precise notes of scarlene conifers, Landes pine and juniper berries are intensified by the smoldering comfort of vetiver, amber and myrrh. Vibrant and commanding, it’s a contemporary Yang scent that shapes and strengthens.

Matrix Metal Parfum

Boisé, Métal, Musqué


Dose d'essai Matrix Metal Parfum

Boisé, Métal, Musqué

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