Yin Earth

Royal Earth is a noble fragrance that grounds the wearer like the earth’s enduring pull. The grandeur and gravity of Tuscan iris pallida combine with the sensuality of neroli and vetiver. Elegant and enigmatic, it’s a dignified Yin scent that attracts and empowers.

Royal Earth

Rich, Comforting, Sophisticated


Dose d'essai Royal Earth EDP

Riche, Poudré, Sophistiqué


Yang Earth

Desired Earth is a majestic fragrance that elevates the wearer to the highest peaks. The verdant notes of Japanese shiso and violet leaves are balanced by the smoky comfort of ambrette seeds, cade wood and patchouli, as well as the soothing spice of Peruvian tolu balsam. Distinguished yet grounded, it’s an enduring Yang scent that intrigues and inspires.

Desired Earth Parfum

Ambré, Épicé, Boisé


Dose d'essai Desired Earth Parfum

Ambré, Épicé, Boisé

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