Yin Wood

Magnetic Wood is an energetic fragrance that energizes the wearer like the sun that coaxes out the first blossoms. Powdery mimosa is paired with the cool arbor of Chinese sweet osmanthus, green manderin and refined iris root. Fresh and elegant, it’s a sophisticated Yin scent that renews and enriches.

Magnetic Wood

Elégant, Raffiné, énergisant


Dose d'essai Magnetic Wood Parfum

Elégant, Raffiné, énergisant


Yang Wood

Golden Wood is a noble fragrance that reassures the wearer like the changing leaves of a centuries-old tree. Mellifluous notes of elemi pepper, yellow mandarin, malted barley and Tonka bean flow into the woody strength of oak and Paraguayan cabreuva wood. Majestic and mellow, it’s a rich Yang scent that comforts and consoles.

Golden Wood Parfum

Boisé, Hespéridé, Ambré


Dose d'essai Golden Wood Parfum

Boisé, Hespéridé, Ambré

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