Amber Sample Set



Experience our Amber Sample Set composed of: 

Golden Wood is a noble fragrance that comforts and consoles. The reassuring notes of Cabreuva Wood, Beeswax and bitter Orange nourish the wearer, like the strength and vitality of a centuries-old tree.

Hypnotizing Fire unveils a floral and gourmand heart of Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla and Praline, surrounded by spicy Pimento Berries and amber notes of Benzoin and Sandalwood. The Parfum concentration is more mysterious with the addition of Oud. A sensual and addictive fragrance.

Royal Earth is a floral and powdery fragrance with a bouquet of Iris, Ylang Ylang and Egyptian Rose, enveloped by Passionfruit and amber notes. A refined, enigmatic and exotic fragrance that gather all the richness of the Earth - flowers, roots, seeds -for a comforting and grounded feeling.

Desired Earth is a vibrant fragrance composed of powdery Iris, gourmand Vanilla, resinous notes of Myrrh and woody notes of Red Cedar. Inspired by the strength of the mountains, this perfume is powerful with spicy and amber notes.