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Yang Wood

Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building
blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience
daily life. The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding
how our element influences the six energies within—wisdom, socializing,
creativity, seduction, prosperity, and status.

Autumn is the season of vulnerability, trees shed their leaves and bare their
branches ready for new growth. This vulnerability applies to us too—we must
slow our rhythms, let go of the past and expose our hearts to the lessons of
the year.

Autumn is also the season of harvest. To reap the good we have sown
throughout the year we must learn to let go. Whether physical, mental or
spiritual, it is easy to grow accustomed to our burdens, and acknowledging
these patterns is the first step. So, declutter and organize your home, limit
your focus on people and places that deplete you, and open your spirit to the
fresh opportunities that await.

The metal element is strong this season. Associated with strength,
endurance, order and clarity, it can also impart sadness. So follow nature’s
lead and replace rigorous activity with calm walks in nature—the fresh air will
lift your mood and invigorate the lungs, an organ associated with metal.
Meditation and yoga can also help clear the mind of negativity—metal is the
leader of the five elements, therefore organization and routine are the key to
maintaining balance.

Lastly, draw your attention to the west where positive Qi will flow, so keep this
area of your home organized. Challenging energy can also enter via the
northwest, so use metal ornaments to disperse its power and calm the effect.
Autumn is a time of self-care, introspection and shedding old habits—give
yourself time and attention and you’ll be ready to seize every opportunity the
coming months present.


For Yang Wood individuals, autumn focuses on prosperity, status and seduction.

Declutter the centre, northeast and southwest of your home and workspace to allow wealth energy to flow this season. Further enhance the effect by placing a healthy green rubber plant diagonally opposite your living room or office doorways.

Autumn aligns with your personal power and status. If you want to enhance this aspect of your life, write down your aspirations in a planner or create a vision board to place in the west of your living or office space—the west is an auspicious direction this season.

Seductive energy is powerful this season. Males should wear chocolate brown, and arrange afternoon dates in the centre of town; whilst females should wear white, silver and gold, and arrange romantic evening dates in the west of town. Both males and females should place purple flowers in the north of the bedroom.

Perfect Pairings: Male charms can be heightened with Desired Earth and Royal Earth elixirs. Female powers can be enhanced with Metal Flower and Matrix Metal elixirs.

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