Family Day


“When there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation, there will peace in the world.”

- Dr. Radha P Krishna
President, Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation

Optimize and balance the energy flow of your home through the theory of Feng Shui,
based on the five elements of wood, metal, fire, water and earth.

Wood Set
Begin at the Hall - when you enter your hall you want to feel relaxed and welcome. To achieve this, keep it clutter free and light candles here regularly. For attracting new opportunities and uplifting the energy woody fragrances are great, like magnetic wood or golden wood by The Harmonist. Additionally, to further uplift the energy here place a vase of fresh flowers.

Metal Set
The living room is a space where the whole family relaxes so the energy in this space should be relaxed and calm. Select furniture which is both comfortable and respects the proportion of the space. Always keep the room free of clutter so that the energy can circulate freely. Place a healthy green plant and candles in the corner diagonally opposite the living room door to activate finances. The metal flower or matrix metal by the harmonist is great as the element metal relates to finances. To support family unity place a family photo in the east of the living room.

Fire Set
Bedroom - the bedroom is a space for both relaxation and romance. To support health, and sleep: keep colours of the walls light and neutral and reduce electrical items. Place candles on the bedside tables. The hypnotising fire and velvet fire by The Harmonist is great for the bedroom with its sensuous aroma. You can also place a pink orchid plant on your nightstand. Orchids produce oxygen at night so are the perfect plant for the bedroom.

Water Set
In your home study or office place your desk in the control position which is the position almost diagonally opposite the office room door. The chair at your desk should have the support of a solid wall behind it and you should have a good view of the full room. Keep your desk organised and place a peace lily plant on it to soak up electromagnetic stress. Towards the end of your working day clear your desk and light the water fragranced candles, guiding water and sacred water to relax you and prepare you for family or ‘Me’ time.

Earth Set
A dining table is an important consideration from a Feng Shui perspective and every home should have one. It can supports family unity and your health as it provides a space where you can concentrate mindfully on what you are eating. In Feng Shui we consider the dining space to relate with the spleen which relates to the element Earth, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is concerned with digestion. To prepare your dining table place some fresh fruit and some eucalyptus leaves in the centre of the table. Fresh fruit represents abundance and eucalyptus leaves have a calming energy. To further ground and relax you and your family light Earthy fragranced candles such as The Harmonist’s royal earth and desired earth candles to prepare the energy of your space before eating.